Unique Places To Visit In New Mexico

No matter what brings you to New Mexico, there is plenty to do and see. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or you’re just there for the breathtaking views you won’t be disappointed. Also known as the land of enchantment, you will be overwhelmed with snow-capped mountains, vibrant color desert sunsets, and of course delicious, and authentic Mexican food.  New Mexico welcomes visitors and travelers from all over to come in and be a part of their rich history and culture. Here are a few of our favorite unique things to do when visiting New Mexico.

Organ Mountains

Located just outside of Las Cruces are the Organ mountains. They are most famous for being the color-changing mountains. As the sun sets on the mountain they begin to turn red for the most breathtaking view you will ever see. The best seat in the house can be found at the National Monument located down Dripping Springs Road. While there make sure to check out the beautiful hiking trail that leads to an old resort that has become historic ruins.  Along the way, you will even run into if your Springs that is a must-see. The mountains offer so many different activities to partake in no matter the season.

Visit Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument

Experience what it was like to thrive in a cave-dwelling in New Mexico. With people from all over coming to New Mexico and settling, there is a lot of different history and cultures in the area. Originally the Pueblo people inhabited the area, and their cave is still intact and visitable today. You can also go inside the caves and cliff dwellings and look around. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to visit as there is so much to see and do.

Truth or Consequences

What started as a child’s game has made its way all the way to New Mexico. If you are a lover of the hot springs, this is the place for you. It is located in the Rio Grande and is a low-key hot spring. While other hot springs like Riverbend have been made famous close by, this hot spring is perfect for those looking to sit back and just relax. Bask in all of the beauty of the surrounding water, or explore the quiet little town located right outside Truth or Consequences.

Spaceport America

Visit the very first airport for spaceships here. While the airport was never quite used for its intentions, it is still available for those to see today. Spaceport America did just launch a successful departure from its landing recently. Though it is not up and running on a regular basis yet, it still has quite a lot of potential. Spaceport America is not yet open to the public so it is imperative that you buy a tour if you are interested. This means you won’t be crowded and raised through the airport. For those of you who are true space enthusiasts, this is the perfect spot for you in New Mexico. 

Balloon Festival

Do we ever really grow out of loving balloons? Even as adults, something about balloons just catches our eye. Especially if they are huge hot air balloons that are floating around the sky. Join the balloon festival in Albuquerque that takes place every October. The balloons will look over the city to see the home of many cultural museums and even a vintage Route 66 Motel. Enjoy many vendors with homemade goods, and of course balloons filling the sky in every direction. Known for being the largest city in New Mexico, there is plenty to do during and after the beautiful festival. 

Visit The Film Location For Breaking Bad

For those who adored the show Breaking Bad, here is your shot at a big break. Get it? Meant for those enthusiasts of the Emmy-winning show Breaking Bad, or Better Call Saul, this is a wonderful place for you. See all that Alburquerque has to offer by visiting some of their top shooting locations. Many of the areas are located throughout the city, and several of the stores are still in business or residential homes. Observe the filming locations and then go back and watch your favorite show and realize how it was really shot.  You won’t be disappointed. 

No matter what you are interested in, New Mexico has something you will love. From a festival to a museum you will find something that makes you want to never leave. Be careful while you are exploring and make sure to take time to slow down and breathe in the hot desert air. We hope to see you soon! Safe travels.

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