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Connecting people to the universe through education, exploration and discovery, the Lowell Observatory has been informing visitors of their surroundings for over 125 years. Their immense knowledge of all things regarding the study of astrology and solar systems is mind blowing. So if you are a space fanatic, this is the perfect place to make a pit stop on your trip. You will not be disappointed. Their continued research keeps the exhibit new and fresh each time you visit as new discoveries are constantly made. Let’s take a deeper dive into visiting the Lowell Observatory.


Depending on what your goals are for this visit, there are several different options to choose from. You can opt to go on a few different guided tours, or you can choose to have premium access, that features no waiting for your favorite activities. 

Super Scopes Family Adventure

If you are looking for a family- friendly attraction this is it. This attraction calls all young and old astronomers to experience this 90 minute of fun. It highlights the planets that were famously studied at the Lowell Observatory. The tour is led by an observatory educator and includes a spectroscopy and liquid nitrogen science experiments. The little ones will absolutely love this. 

Mars Hill Guided Tour

If you are not interested in a bit of physical activity, this may not be the tour for you as it is 90 minutes long and includes steep grades and at least 1 mile of walking. The tour makes its way through the historic 24” Clark Refractor, the Pluto Discovery Telescope and the Giovale Open Deck Observatory for solar observing. This attraction is all based on weather permitting.

Expanding Universe Guided Tour

This is also an attraction that includes over a mile of walking, and some including steep grades. However, this 120 minute attraction is so worth it. It is designed for fellow astronomy enthusiasts who are interested in a much longer experience than the other tours. From the Clark Refractor, the Pluto Discovery Telescope, this also includes evening viewing at all 6 telescopes of the Giovale Open Deck Observatory, and a laser guided constellation. I cannot recommend this one enough.

Dark Skies Tour

For those interested in a walking tour, but not a full mile, opt for this half mile walking tour. This nighttime tour is absolutely stunning. It is 60 minutes long and includes a laser guided constellation tour and viewing at all 6 telescopes . If the weather is less than spectator they will replace the telescope viewing with a tour of the Giovale Open Deck Observatory. This way you don’t miss out on seeing anything. Not only is it a great opportunity to see the different planets, but also stargaze as well.

Mars and Pluto Family Adventure

If you are interested in spectroscopy and liquid nitrogen science experiments, this is the tour for you. It also features stops at the 32 foot long Clark Refractor that Percival Lowell used to study Mars, the Pluto Discovery Telescope that CLyde Tombaugh used to discover Pluto and the newest addition to the observatory, Giovale Open Deck Observatory. You can safely observe the sun if the weather permits, which is one of my favorite things to do.

Featured Experieces

The featured experience is 75 minutes long of pure bliss to those space lovers. In this experience you will have access to the 24” Dyer Telsecope with 10 other cohabiting or cotraveling guest. This is what they consider Phase 2B. Where you can experience stargazing at its very finest. From telescope view sessions to private tours, if you have several friends that are interested, this is the perfect plan for you.

No matter what tour or expierence you decide on, we know you will love every minute of it. The Lowell Observatory has incredible staff that are not only informative, but excited about their job. They make this experience so fantastic. Go alone, or bring your friends and family, everyone will have a great time here. Let me know if you go and I can’t wait to hear how much you enjoyed it as well as your favoirte parts. 

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