The Best Cities To Visit In Utah

If you’re looking for an experience that fits many needs Utah is the perfect place. Between its unforgettable vistas, red rock scenery, and outdoor basecamps, the options to see and do things are endless. Get out and connect with nature or learn about the history and culture of the State. No matter where you are in the state you will have a great time. However, if you don’t have unlimited time in the beautiful state, here are a few of our favorite cities to visit while in Utah. 


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Growing substantially in the last 20 years, Ogden has turned into an outdoor recreation mecca. Many sports and outdoor companies have made Ogden their headquarters.  Amer Sports’ Salomon, Wilson, Atomic and Arc’teryx have operations running throughout the city. Many who come to work at these companies love the option that they can bike only minutes away from their job. With world class mountain biking, skiing, and hiking trails the options for fun are endless.  The city has worked diligently to restore its historic art deco architecture and buildings. They have created a blend of old and new in the new development in the charming downtown. 


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Known as the heart of the larger Utah Valley, Provo has some of the most dramatic backdrop in the Wasatch Front.  Climbing to  a total of 5,300 feet of prominence and 11,752 foot summit sits Mount Timpanogos.  This beautiful, inspiring citadel of a solid rock is considered the centerpiece to the Utah Valley Wasatch Front. However, nature is not the only thing they have going for them in this city. They are also setting themselves apart in their innovation in tech, health care as well as education. This city takes its residents seriously and gives them a great opportunity for a wonderful education as well as job opportunities once they have graduated. 

Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City is typically the most well-known city in the state, and for good reason. It is the perfect getaway for travelers looking to go to Utah’s ski resorts. It is often referred to as the “Crossroads of the West” as its location is perfect for longer road trips northward to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. From The wonderful ski resorts and National Parks, you will never run out of fun things to do. You may plan to come and stay only for a few days, but I assure you, you will talk yourself into staying as long as you can, maybe even move there.

St. George

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Not anything like St. George in Florida, St. George, Utah sits just below the rim of the Great Basin. It is considered Utah’s warm weather retreat, it is just missing the beach like Florida. However, no need to worry the stunning valley combines traditional land features from the neighboring basin and Colorado Plateau with landscapes and wildlife from the Mojave Desert. Bask in the red rock mesas and the spectacular waterways that create the setting for one of Utah’s fastest-growing cities. From luxurious spas to extensive shopping and killer golf courses, you will never want to leave. 

No matter where you visit in Utah, you will experience some of the most beautiful scenery you have ever seen. With many different things to see and experience, you will consider relocating. Utah is perfect for those looking to go on a solo sabbatical, family experience, or even just a weekend getaway. We hope you love all that Utah has to offer.

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