Colorado State Bird

Adopted as the official state bird of Colorado on April 29, 1931, the Lark Bunting is actually a migratory bird. Flocks arrive in April and inhabit the plains regions and areas up to 8,000 feet in elevation, then fly south

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The Great Die-Up

Cattle drives, open range, cowboys … these are the images we bring to mind when we think of the Old West. It is an image that might have endured into modern times had the winter of 1886 not happened. The

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Arizona Fun Facts

Arizona is a land of contradictions. For many people, the state is synonymous with hot, low-elevation deserts, covered with cacti and creosote bushes. In point of fact, more than half of the state lies at an elevation of at least

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Valles Caldera: New Mexico’s Supervolcano

There are six known supervolcanoes on dry land, while some six more are located under the oceans. Three of these supervolcanoes are in the United States: Yellowstone in Wyoming, Long Valley in California, and Valles Caldera in New Mexico. A supervolcano is

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Haunted Dawson Cemetery, New Mexico

You expect a cemetery to be haunted, don’t you? But in some cases, a tragedy of such great magnitude occurs that is causes a cemetery to become an even stronger focus for frequent hauntings. Such is the case with Dawson Cemetery

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Enchanted Mesa, New Mexico

Long ago, the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico built one of the strongest settlements in the Southwest high in the sky. It was located atop a sandstone butte 430 feet high, 400 feet wide and 1,250 feet long. The massive

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Top 10 Things to do in Colorado

Colorado is filled with amazing beauty, soaring mountains, tumbling rivers and streams, tranquil lakes, tall forests, soaring sand dunes, deep canyons and much more. Here are our top picks (in no particular order) for things to see and do in

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