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  • Phantom Canyon Railroad Tunnel
    Ghost Walks the Rails
    October 16, 2013, Comments Off on Ghost Walks the Rails

    In the early 1890s, the night crew of the Florence and Cripple Creek Railroad were working a train bound for Cripple Creek. The train was winding through a canyon when […]

  • Mt. Pisgah Cemetery
    Mt. Pisgah Cemetery
    September 2, 2013, Comments Off on Mt. Pisgah Cemetery

    Established in 1892, Mr. Pisgah Cemetery is home to more than 2,000 souls. Neglected for many years, the City of Cripple Creek has restored and now maintains the cemetery grounds. […]

  • san-juan-mountains
    The River of Lost Souls
    October 29, 2012, Comments Off on The River of Lost Souls

    The American Southwest is riddled with places named after gruesome or frightening happenings. Places like Bloody Basin (a bloody skirmish occurred between Apache Indians and U.S. Troops in 1873) and […]

  • Using Salt to Keep Away Evil Spirits
    Chasing Away Evil Spirits
    October 23, 2012, Comments Off on Chasing Away Evil Spirits

    Throughout history, cultures from all over the world have held a belief in the ability of salt to ward away evil spirits. The ancient Greeks consecrated rituals with salt. The […]

  • Lake in Begashibito Canyon
    Ghost of Begashibito Canyon
    October 19, 2012, Comments Off on Ghost of Begashibito Canyon

    In the late 18th Century, a Franciscan monk named Fray Hernando de Escalante was one of the first European explorers to cross the Colorado River. At one point, he stopped […]

  • Ghost of the White Lady
    The Ghost of the White Lady
    October 15, 2012, Comments Off on The Ghost of the White Lady

    In Carbon County, Utah, amidst the many ghost towns, an ethereal white lady roams the ruins. The legend of this ghostly woman in white has been passed down since the […]

  • Mysteries of the Killed Pot
    The Pottery Curse
    October 11, 2012, Comments Off on The Pottery Curse

    The Native American tribes of the Southwest create some of the most beautiful pottery in the world. Throughout history, until recently, some of the finest samples were buried with the […]

  • golden-spike
    Ghost Train at Golden Spike
    October 20, 2011, Comments Off on Ghost Train at Golden Spike

    In 1869, the Union and Central Pacific Railroads joined their rails at Promontory Summit. Golden Spike National Historic Site commemorates this incredible accomplishment of this nation’s first transcontinental railroad. On […]

  • Route 666
    The Legend of the Highway to Hell
    October 16, 2011, Comments Off on The Legend of the Highway to Hell

    In the Four Corners region of the Southwestern United States, a highway runs from Monticello, Utah, to Gallup, New Mexico, crossing through a corner of Colorado on the way. Christians […]

  • redstone-castle
    The Haunts of Redstone Castle
    October 9, 2011, Comments Off on The Haunts of Redstone Castle

    In 1900, John Osgood became the sixth wealthiest man in America — a coal and steel pioneer in the West. He built an entire town, Redstone, Colorado, as a model […]

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