About See The Southwest

See The Southwest is a website that celebrates the beauty, majesty and wonder of the American Southwest and outdoor adventure travel. Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico have been touched by magic — whether you love arid terrain, tall mountains, pueblo ruins or lakes and streams — these states have dozens of fantastic locations. It seems impossible that four states can have so many breathtaking vistas, but it is true. See The Southwest explores these natural wonders and offers helpful hints on things to do, places to stay, where to get great food, as well as the history and heritage of the West.

See The Southwest is a labor of love for one native of Arizona, and one writer who just had to get the stories out of her head. Alex Highland has spent his entire life in Arizona and has traveled to dozens of locations in the Four Corners states. Jen Wolfe began travelling to the West and Southwest at a young age with her family. Vacations were always spent camping, hiking and enjoying natural wonders. Both of these individual are so passionate about the southwest that this website was born. Between the two of them, they had so many stories and sites to share that they just couldn’t keep the news bottled up inside.

We hope you enjoy See The Southwest and use it as a guide to help you plan your next southwest adventure!

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