The Mogollon Rim

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The Mogollon Rim runs through much of the northern and central part of Arizona. It is formed by the southern limit of the Colorado Plateau. The Colorado Plateau was uplifted 600 million years ago and covers 130,000 miles. The weathering of this gigantic block of rock has created some of the most dramatic and beautiful scenery in the four corners states and especially in Arizona, particularly since the Rim includes Grand Canyon National Park.

The escarpment is a living sculpture formed by years of wind, rain, snow and frost shaping the stone. It has the greatest concentrations of state and national parks in the country, including the states of Arizona, New Mexico. Utah and Colorado. Throughout the plateau, you’ll find a montage of windswept mountains, mesas, spires, canyons and buttes and sandstone formations in rainbow hues that will take your breath away.

If you are intent on exploring the Mogollon Rim in Arizona, here are some places you will want to see:
• The Grand Canyon National Park, one of the world’s seven Natural Wonders. The 277-mile long, 1-mile deep big ditch defies description. Visitors will get different perspectives from the North and South Rim.
• In the Glen Canyon and Lake Powell areas, visitors can explore slot canyons, sail the calm waters and see the remains of dinosaur tracks preserved in the stone.
• The spires of Monument Valley silently soar up against a shocking blue sky.
• The Petrified Forest and banded badlands of the Painted Desert reveal the remains on ancient inland seas and tropical forests.
• The Red Rocks of Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon reveal the beauty of stone shaped by years of wind and rain.
• The largest ponderosa pine forest in North American stretches along the Mogollon Rim from Flagstaff to the White Mountains.
– just to the north of the Rim is the remains of a beautiful cinder crater that erupted around 1225 AD.
• Vermillion Cliffs – a stunning series of weathered cliffs the glow vermillion in the sun sit just to the north of the Rim in Northern Arizona.

If that isn’t enough, tucked amidst the rugged beauty, there are dozens of Native American pueblo ruins:
Canyon De Chelley National Monument
Walnut Canyon National Monument
Wupatki National Monument
Tuzigoot National Monument
• Keet Seal Ruin
• Betatakin Ruin

There are literally dozens of campgrounds and parks where you can get out and enjoy the beauty of the Mogollon Rim. Activities along the rim include site-seeing, camping, hiking, biking, off-road adventures, boating, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, ballooning, skiing, cross country skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling and much more.

Winter, Spring and Fall are the best times to visit the Rim. Summer temperatures can soar into the hundreds during the summer months, cutting back on many outdoor activities.

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