Spooky Legends of the Southwest

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The Southwestern United States lends itself to scary stories. The stories might start due to the remoteness of much of the terrain in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. Parts of Utah are virtually unknown (at least to modern day human beings) because of the difficulty in reaching these remotes locations. All four states have areas that rarely feel the touch of human hands or feet. Early settlers often disappeared off the face of the earth with little or no explanation.

It could be that the very landscape itself that creates the legends – shaped and warped by wind and water into eerie shapes – hoodoos, goblins, tablelands, mesas, buttes, breaks and more. With site lines that often extends to a hundred miles or more, with no civilization in site, it is no wonder that the imagination runs wild and loneliness begins to prey on the mind.

The harsh weather adds another element to the mix. Fierce storms, winter blizzards, flash floods, tremendous dust storms and more – all lend themselves to shaping the myths and legends of the Southwest.

Last but not least, the people add the final element to the stories that were born here. The Native Americans who populated the land for thousands of years knew there were good and bad places. They had their own evil spirits and monsters that plagued their tribes. Their stories were woven into the legends of the settlers who eventually came into the territory. The West drew a particular kind of adventurous soul. These were people not afraid to brave the dangers, trials and tribulations. And they came from all over the world, bringing their own ghosts and goblins, spooks and specters with them. Those boogeymen from the old country adapted nicely to the southwest’s lonely and harsh terrain.

We’ve collected a couple of dozen spooky legends and stories of the Southwest in honor of Halloween. Enjoy! Oh, incidentally, the story that scares the willies out of us the most is the one about Urraca Mesa.

Table of Contents for the Haunted Southwest Series:
Urraca Mesa: A Gateway to the Demon Realm
The Legend of Pedro de Urdemalas
La Llorona – Legendary Ghost of New Mexico
Ghost Walks the Rails
Mt. Pisgah Cemetery
River of Lost Souls
The Ghost of the White Lady
The Pottery Curse
Haunted Hotel: The Stanley Hotel, Colorado
The Vulture Mine, Wickenburg, Arizona
Haunted Hotel: The San Carlos, Phoenix, Arizona
The Haunted Shores of the Great Salt Lake, Utah
Haunted Tombstone, Arizona
Haunted Mines: Ghost, Goblins and Tommy Knockers, Southwest
Ghost Camels of the Southwest
Haunted Dawson Cemetary, New Mexico
Haunted Inn: Who Haunts the Brook Forest Inn, Colorado
Halloween in Jerome, Arizona
The Mystery of the Missing Locomotive, Colorado
The Ghost of La Posada Resort and Spa
Ogden and Salt Lake City Ghost Tours
The Ghosts of the Copper Queen
The Redstone Castle
Highway to Hell
Ghost Train at Golden Spike

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