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Voted one of the top five zoos for children, the Phoenix Zoo is nestled within the buttes of Papago Park on 125 acres of beautiful and varied landscapes. It is home to more than 1,300 animals from around the globe — including more than 200 endangered or threatened species. Designed around four distinct trails — Africa, Tropics, Children’s and Arizona — the Phoenix Zoo offers amazing experiences and opportunities to see, and learn about, some of the planet’s most wonderful creatures.

There are plenty of fun daily activities. A popular attraction is the Monkey Village. Visitors can walk right into the open exhibit where squirrel monkeys scamper alongside the guests chattering and playing.
Harmony Farm allows kids to have hands on experience to pet and brush the goats. Then there are camel rides that kids just love. A favorite attraction for all ages that never fails to cause laughter and even a few surprised screams is the close encounter area with the giraffes. Guests mount a tall platform that allows them to hand feed these long-necked critters — and their tongues are just about as long as their necks … hence the screams! Last but not least is Stingray Bay, where guest can dip their hands in the pool and feel and smooth skin of these graceful water creatures.

Throughout the year, there are kids, teen, adult, school and teacher and special needs programs that are hands-on, educational experiences for all ages. Night Camp is one of the fun, educational options … guests will experience the zoo in a unique way with the flashlight tour. See the animals up close at night, camp out at the zoo and wake up when the animals do.

During summer and winter breaks, kids can get hands-on with the animals at Camp Zoo! For children kindergarten through 8th grade, Camp Zoo offers daily lessons, activities, basic caregiving for some of the animals, art projects and much more. Kids will also have a chance to explore zoo careers during camp.

The summer months in Phoenix are blazing hot, but the zoo offers Leapin’ Lagoon and Yakulla Caverns where kids can splash and play and keep cool. There are plenty of shaded benches for adults to relax, or for the more adventurous, join in with the kids and get soaked.

The Safari Train runs throughout the zoo and guests enjoy the 25 minute tour that gives an overview of the park and various attractions. Several cafés and grills are available to for guests to grab snacks or a full meal. The Desert Marketplace offers one-of-a-kind souvenirs and gifts.

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Phoenix Zoo
455 North Galvin Parkway
Phoenix, AZ 85008
Phone: 602.273.1341

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