Lady in Blue

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In the early 1600s, the Spanish began to explore the southwestern United States. Again and again, they heard from the Native American people about the young, beautiful, white lady dressed in a blue flowing dress who taught them about Jesus and the Christian God. The explorers knew there were no women in the territory and were extremely puzzled by the reports.

Father Alonzo de Benavidas was particularly startled when a Native American tribe from far over the mountains in an, as yet, unexplored area, arrived and ask him to travel back to the tribe to baptize everyone. When asked, they explained that the Lady in Blue had taught them about God and Jesus. For years, he continued to ask if any women were in the territory preaching the word of God, but he found no evidence except what the Native Americans told him. However, tribe after tribe insisted on blue cloth for the burial of their loved ones. When asked, they always explained that a young, beautiful white women had come to their tribe in their youth and explained about God.

Years later, Father Alonza traveled to Spain, where he eventually met Maria de Jesus de Agreda, a mother superior of her convent. They talked of the southwest and she began to describe her vivid dreams of the southwest. Father Alonzo was shocked, because her descriptions of the people and places were so accurate, they could only be described by someone who had actually been there — places he believed he was the only Spaniard to have seen.

With no explanation, but extremely disturbed, Father Alonzo suggested that she try to stop dreaming. He had no logical explanation, but knew that God works in mysterious ways.

Did Maria have out of body experiences that allowed her to interact with the Native American half a world away? Since extensive research has shown no women were in the area during that time, and Maria never traveled away from the convent, one has to wonder.

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