La Llorona – Legendary Ghost of New Mexico

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All over the state of New Mexico, there are frequent sightings of the ghost of a woman, dressed all in white. A distant wailing sound accompanies her wherever she goes. They call her La Llorona, which means “the weeping woman or the wailing women.”

There are many legends about who this ghost is. Most agree that she was once a beautiful young woman, and many legends agree that her name was Maria. Then the legends part ways.

In one version, Maria wanted to marry, but was very picky. She rejected most of her suitors and married the most handsome young man around. After they had had two sons, the husband grew bored and turned to other women. He even preferred the company of his sons to her company. So one night, in a fit of madness, she drowned the boys in the river while the husband was away with one of his many women. When she came to her senses, she was unable to bear the guilt, so she walked down to the river in her white nightgown and began searching for the boys. She kept walking and wailing until she died of starvation. Now her tormented ghost wanders the banks of the rivers still looking for her sons.

In another version, Maria was a widow, who wanted to marry a rich nobleman. But the nobleman did not want to raise another man’s children, so Maria drowned the children in the river. When the nobleman discovered what she had done, he was horrified and commanded her to leave and never return. She wandered to the river, and out of guilt for her crime, she drowned herself. Now her soul is condemned to wander the waterways for eternity searching for her children.

In still another version, a young couple had a baby, but the man felt he was too poor to support a wife and a child, so he drowned the poor soul. And every child she bore thereafter. Finally, when the last child had just been born, the wife, still weak from childbirth, followed her husband to the river. Before she could stop him, he tossed the child into the current. Determined to save the baby, she plunged in after the boy. Both mother and son drowned, but her spirit continued to haunt the waterway. Driven mad by her wailing, the husband plunged into the river with a knife to silence the spirit, and he too, drowned.

The legends say that La Llorona is fiercely protective of her children and guards the river banks and will attack anyone who approaches at night.

This tale is told up and down many other rivers of the Southwest, and was probably used to scare children away from the dark, dangerous waters.

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