Mt. Pisgah Cemetery

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Mt. Pisgah Cemetery headstoneEstablished in 1892, Mr. Pisgah Cemetery is home to more than 2,000 souls. Neglected for many years, the City of Cripple Creek has restored and now maintains the cemetery grounds. It repaired historic fences and headstones and tamed the native vegetation. Today, the city welcomes visitors to enjoy the cemetery’s natural setting, the native plants and wildflowers, and the quiet beauty.

There are many unique stories and a lot of Colorado history attached to the residents of the cemetery. Pearl DeVere, was known as “the soiled dove of Cripple Creek.” Pearl was very popular with her clientele. She called her business “The Old Homestead,” and held lavish parties to bring in clients. She charged $250 per night for clients to stay over. On June 4, 1897, she held a large party sponsored by a wealthy admirer which included the best wine and caviar. The admirer had brought her an imported Parisian gown that had cost $800. The two reportedly had an argument, after which the gentleman stormed back to Denver, and Pearl told her girls that she was going up to bed.

During the night, Pearl was found unconscious on a bed by one of her girls. A doctor was summoned, but she was pronounced dead in the early morning hours of June 5, 1897. The doctor stated that he believed she died of an accidental morphine overdose, but that was never confirmed. It is known that she often did take morphine to help her sleep. Still, one has to wonder if her admirer had a hand in her untimely demise. And does her spirit still haunt the grave?

Or what about the clear plastic headstone that has a creepy ghostly look even in full sunlight.

Then there is the curious grave stone with the simple epitaph … “You Know.” Nope, we don’t know, but we are very curious!

But our favorite headstone in the cemetery reads…”He called Bill Smith a Liar.” Guess Bill Smith made sure it never happened again!

Every year toward the end of September, the town of Cripple Creek hosts the Mt. Pisgah Speaks Cemetery Tour. The Gold Camp Victorian Society, dedicated to the preservation of the history of Cripple Creek, hosts the tour, complete with character reenactments at different locations throughout the cemetery. Visitors will learn about the famous and fascinating characters that lived and died here.

The tour takes place on September 21-22, 2013, but check the Cripple Creek website each year for future dates.

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