Top 5 Space Destinations in New Mexico

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The dry, clear air of New Mexico creates ideal conditions for viewing the stars and staring up at the vastness of space. That means there are plenty of locations in New Mexico for looking at our galaxy and beyond. If you are interested in space, then you’ll want to visit the top 5 destinations in the state.

VLA (Very Large Array at Socorro)
The huge array at Socorro is probably familiar to many people. The iconic antennas have appeared in five different movies including Transformers and Contact. Scientists at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory listen to the sounds of the universe. Set on tracks, the 27 antennas can be moved into a variety of formations. The visitor’s center allows you to observe distant planets, exploding stars and take a guided tour of the facility.

National Solar Observatory (Sacramento Peak)
Astronomers study the sun and its effects on Earth at the National Solar Observatory just outside Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Guided tours are available during the summer months and guest can tour two of the three observatories during daylight hours. There’s also plenty of hiking trails in the area, overlooking White Sands National Monument. For more information, visit
New Mexico Musuem of Space History
New Mexico Museum of Space History (Alamogordo)
The New Mexico Museum of Space History has dozens of fascinating exhibits — learn more about early rocket experiments, the international space station, the achievements of the men and women in space, and get up close and personal with rockets and spacecraft. The museum is divided into different zones including the Museum of Space History, the International Space Hall of Fame, the Air and Space Park, the Daisy Track, the Planetarium and IMAX theatre and much more! For more information, visit

Roswell Museum and Art Center (Roswell)
Dr. Robert Goddard chose New Mexico to test his rockets. His inventions, including liquid fuel rockets help to revolutionize the space program. The museum shows a reconstruction of his workshop and details his research and experiments. In addition, center has grown into a 50,000 square foot facility that includes twelve galleries dedicated to the exhibition of art and history, the Patricia Lubben Bassett Art Education Center, and the Robert H. Goddard Planetarium. For more information, visit

White Sands Missile Range Museum
At the White Sands Missile Range museum you can trace the origin of America’s missile and space activity, find out how the atomic age began and learn about the accomplishments of scientists like Dr. Wernher von Braun and Dr. Clyde Tombaugh at White Sands. Displays also include the prehistoric cultures and the rip-roaring Old West found in southern New Mexico. The Missile Park showcases more than 50 projectiles of all shapes and sizes For more information, visit

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