Marble, Colorado

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Marble, Colorado, is a very tiny town, population around 130 souls. But is does have one key feature that visitors will enjoy … the marble mine.
The clean white marble deposits of Yule Creek were first discovered in the late 1870s, but the Yule Marble quarry operations didn’t begin until in the late 19th century. The marble is of such exceptional quality and the deposit so large, that the marble has been used in the construction of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Lincoln Memorial, civic buildings in San Francisco and the Equitable Building in New York City.

The quarry sits at 9,500 feet and is cut into a very steep mountainside. Since it is still in use today, you can’t actually tour the quarry (yet…), but you can hike up along Yule Creek, a beautiful mountain stream toward the base of the quarry, where less than pure marble pieces have been pushed over the edge. The stream now tumbles over beautiful, white marble slabs and is one of the most serene and beautiful places to just sit and listen to the water talk. There’s something about white marble and crystal clear water that is a bit hypnotic.

There are seven buildings in the town that are on the National Historic Register and are worth stopping to see.
• Haxby House
• William S. Parry House
• St. Paul’s Church
• Marble City State Bank building
• Marble High School
• Marble Mill Site
• Marble Town Hall

Other attractions in the area include:
Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Curecanti National Recreation Area
The Grand Mesa
Fishing in Blue Mesa Reservoir
Colorado Fruit and Wine Country

Colorado Stone Quarries, Inc.
1 Marble Quarry Road
Marble, CO 81623

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