The Haunts of Redstone Castle

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In 1900, John Osgood became the sixth wealthiest man in America — a coal and steel pioneer in the West. He built an entire town, Redstone, Colorado, as a model community, and made it part of a social experiment. With electricity, running water, a club house, schoolhouse and an inn for bachelors, it was such a unique town that the Denver Post nicknamed it “The Ruby of the Rockies.” Osgood also constructed a 24,000 square foot castle for himself along the banks of the Crystal River. Built in the English Tudor style, he spared no expense on this lavish mansion.

Today, The Redstone Castle is open to the public for tours. Guests are in for a real treat as they view splendor of the Great Hall, the Grand Dining Room, and the Library and Music Room, to name just a few of the 42 rooms. Wood paneling throughout the home was crafted by Gustav Stickley and includes English oak and Honduran mahogany. Louis Comfort Tiffany designed the fixture work including three giant brass globes carved with lion’s faces, pineapples and angels that light up the English Great Hall. Persian carpets line the hallways and floors. Most of the furnishings are original to the home.

The Redstone Castle looks much the same today as when it was built. The Crystal River flows along the foot of the sloping lawn, surrounded by forests of ponderosa pine, spruce and aspen. It stands as a monument to a time gone by, when men of great industry and wealth changed a nation and tamed a wilderness.

Beautiful decor and architecture aren’t the only things that guests are likely to run into. Staff and guests have reported strange incidents in the castle for years. Legend says that a spirit hovers in a secret passageway between the nursery and the servant’s quarters. Perhaps strangest of all, the scent of cigar smoke lingers almost constantly in the air. John Osgood was a devoted cigar smoker, so the staff believes he yet remains in the castle, watching to make sure his home is cared for.

The Redstone Castle is currently undergoing renovations in preparation for the highly anticipated opening of the Redstone Castle Resort & Spa. If all goes well, the resort will offer a full-service spa, pool, conservatory, a fine dining restaurant and upscale bar.

Tickets for the tour range from $15 for adults to $10 for children and seniors. While tickets can be purchased the same day, it’s a good idea to check the calendar on The Redstone Castle website, or call to make a reservation.

0058 Redstone Boulevard
Redstone, Colorado 81623
970.963.9656 Phone

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