The Ghosts of the Copper Queen

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Considered Arizona’s longest continuously operating hotel, the Copper Queen in Bisbee is also one of the most haunted hotel in the U.S. Guests and staff have reported stories about mysterious voices, odd sounds and smells, and even levitating objects. The hotel even keeps a journal that guest write in, sharing their experience in the supernatural.

Every Thursday night, throughout the year, the Copper Queen hosts a ghost tour. You have to have a room in the hotel to participate, but there are special packages for those special nights that entice guests to stay and get their chills and thrills. The hunt starts at 8 p.m. in the highest tower of the Copper Queen. On the tour, guests will learn how to use EMF (electro magnetic field) detectors and other tools for investigating the paranormal. Search the hotel from top to bottom and then join the other guests for a late night coffee hour of haunting tales from the hotel.

While is Bisbee, there are three other tours that might attract your supernatural sniffer, and a terrific children’s tour that won’t scare the pants off them, but that they’ll enjoy a great deal.

Old Bisbee Ghost Tour
A Ghost Host will lead you on this walking tour through Old Bisbee’s streets, stairways, and old alleys after dark on an adventure to discover and learn about the ghosts that haunt this 125-year-old town.

Old Bisbee Haunted Pub Crawl
Or you can be spirited away on a haunted walking tour of Bisbee’s most spooky bars. Guests will enjoy a ‘spirit’ of their choice (not included in the tour price) at each of the four locations. As you sip at your drink the Ghost Host will recount the haunted tales of each bar.

The Spook Troup
This childrens’ only ghost tour of Old Bisbee, led by a certified Spook Troop Leader, will help the children explore the area and hear “not-so-scary ghost stories” of the city. They will enjoy play time with the ghosts in a haunted park and end the tour with milk and cookies at the haunted Copper Queen Hotel. Each new member will receive their Spook Troop Membership Certificate and a goody bag filled with spooktacular surprises!

Space is limited on all these tours so you should call to make reservations as soon as possible: 520-432-3308.

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