Ogden and Salt Lake City Ghost Tours

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Looking for a spooky way to celebrate Halloween this year? Try joining one of the Ogden or Salt Lake City Ghost Tours!

The tours were created by a storyteller Kristen Clay, who began interviewing the merchants and residents of Northern Utah, and came across many of the usual tales of pioneers, immigrants, hardships and survival, but was also surprised to hear many bizarre and interesting ghost stories among them.

The tour will allow you to experience a small sampling of both “local legends” and historic facts. You are encouraged to bring your imagination and the tour guides will provide you with a fun filled evening of rich storytelling … and if you are lucky, a chill/thrill or two. You are also encouraged to bring a camera and send photos of anything odd that might crop up.

During the month of October, there are two different ghost/historic options in both Salt Lake City and Ogden (or walking tours can be scheduled year around in both cities). As this is the 10-year anniversary of the organization, there are lots of $10 specials to take advantage of. If you come in costume or bring canned goods for their yearly food drive, you will get a free concession.

Just to give you an idea of what you’ll experience, the Salt Lake City Bus Tour Sites and Stories include the following locations:
1. Utah Historical Society Building
2. Shilo Inn
3. Capitol Theater
4. The Old City County Building
5. Salt City
6. Every Bloomin’ Thing
7. Trolley Square
8. Old Salt Lake City Jail
9. Gilgal Gardens
10. Eccles Stadium
11. This is the place Heritage Park
12. Fort Douglas Museum
13. University of Utah Marriott Library
14. Salt Lake City Cemetery: Jean Baptiste
15. Salt Lake City Cemetery: Emmo’s Grave
16. Masonic Temple
17. McCune Mansion
18. Alta Club
19. Deveraux House

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