The Mystery of the Missing Locomotive

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The year was 1878. A torrential storm raged across the Colorado Rockies. During this gulley-washer of a storm, the trestle bridge over Kiowa Creek (just west of Strasburg, Colorado) collapsed under the onslaught of a flash flood, unbeknownst to the crew of the Kansas Pacific freight train who were hurtling toward their doom. In the dark of night, the train flew off the last set of rails into the depths of the canyon. The engineer and two assistants lost their lives.


When morning came, rescue crews converged on site, where they recovered the bodies and all the train cars were eventually salvaged — all except the steam locomotive that had been pulling the train. Speculation was rife … many believed the engine had been swept downstream and covered with flood debris.  The search continued for many days, but the engine was never recovered.

If you’d like to read an entertaining version of what happened to the locomotive, you can get a copy of the best-selling mystery by Clive Clussler, Night Probe. However, the story is pure fiction. In point of fact, Cussler searched the area on two occasions using metal detectors, magnetometers, ground penetrating radar and backhoes and still found nothing but a few scraps of metal.

So what happened to the locomotive of that ill-fated train? Perhaps the ghostly engine still rides the rails hoping to make it the end of the line.

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