Haunted Southwest: Who Haunts the Brook Forest Inn?

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Back in 1909, a family called the Westerfields claimed 350 acres of land near what is now Evergreen, Colorado. They lived and worked the land it for only two years before abandoning the claim. A European couple, Edwin and Riggi Welz (from Austria and Switzerland, respectively) discovered the property in 1913. The cabin had a board nailed to the wall reading “Brook Forest” and the area and cabin reminded the couple of their homeland in the Alps. After extensive remodeling, modifications and landscaping, the couple opened the Brook Forest Inn in 1919. The inn boasted every luxury of the day and was very popular. It was well known for its horseback trips to Mount Evans (Welz was instrumental in urging the Forest Service to carve a trail to the top of Mount Evans), double tennis courts, swimming pool, livery stable, croquet grounds, horseshoe court and recreational hall. The original cabin remains a part of the structure and is now the main portion of the parlor and lounge rooms.


Today, the Brook Forest Inn still provides cozy rooms, with everything from claw foot tubs to jacuzzis, suites to single rooms, not to mention fabulous dining at the restaurant and the pub. But not everything is not peaceful at the inn. According to the rumors and stories, there are several ghosts that haunt the Inn. Sadly, one such haunting is probably the result of murder. A stable boy killed his lover, a chambermaid at the inn, and then took his own life. Their ghosts are said to walk the hallways of the top floor. Keeping the two company is the ghost of a young boy, who has been seen (and heard) running up and down the corridors at night. Another apparition haunts the second floor. The story goes that he murdered his wife after finding out she was having an affair.

If you decide to add a stay at the Brook Forest Inn to your Halloween itinerary, watch for the unhappy ghosts that haunt place. Since the ghosts only come out at night, there are plenty of things to see and do in the area, including a drive to Rocky Mountain National Park, a visit to Pikes Peak via the tramway, shopping, dining and nightlife in Denver, not to mention dozens of museums and cultural event to be found there.

The Historic Brook Forest Inn
8136 S. Brook Forest Rd
Evergreen, Colorado 80439
Phone: 303-679-1521
Toll-Free: 866-679-1521

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