Beef And Brew With A View at Rustlers Rooste

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Rustler’s Rooste, located in Phoenix, Arizona, promises beef and brew with a view … and they deliver. The legend goes that the original site, atop a butte in the foothills of South Mountain, was a hideout for cattle rustlers. These days, it’s a great steak, barbecue and beer spot.

The two-story building, perched atop a foothill, has a stunning view of the Valley of the Sun. At night, the city below turns into a river of light. Gorgeous! Just outside the front door is the restaurant’s mascot — a longhorn bull named Horney. The bull, a seemingly gentle soul, eyes the crowd as they enter. When our party left, he seemed to be enjoying the live country music that is piped outside the building.

Inside, the two story building is huge. You enter into the upper level of the building, through what one overheard patron described as like going into a ride at Disneyland, which is a lounge and bar. The main restaurant (including a great patio overlooking the valley) is below. There are two ways to reach the bottom level, by stairs or by slide — honest, you can take the slide to the bottom level and many children and some adults opt for this method.

Rustler’s Rooste offers live country music every night. In addition, the general store, with hats, t-shirts and more, is open every night from 5 – 10 p.m. Valet parking is free and we highly recommend that option, especially during high tourist season in the valley. Rustler’s Rooste is VERY popular!

The most unusual item on the menu is the rattlesnake appetizer. Deep friend nuggets of rattlesnake, served with a cool cucumber dip. If you’ve never had rattlesnake, it tastes like chicken but has a texture closer to calamari.

Our gang ordered a wide array of items from the menu, including the rattlesnake. The cowboy beans and salad with the special house dressing got two thumbs up from our team, as did the fry bread and biscuits served with regular and cinnamon butter — these items come with every meal. The “Vaquero” — Steak and Enchiladas — got two thumbs up from one of our party. Two of us had the St. Louis barbecue ribs, which were also excellent, and the pork chops also received a thumbs up.

Then the best part of the night for two of our group — dessert! The old fashioned hot fudge sundae and the bread pudding with hot rum sauce were consumed to the last bite with much lip-smacking.

Rustler’s Rooste is a great place for people visiting Phoenix, and an especially great place for families with kids. The food is good, the ambiance is nice and while a little Western kitschy it does not distract from the food, the music, the service and the one in a million views!

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  1. selena g April 4, 2011 at 7:32 pm ·

    Rustlers rooste is the best steakhouse in the valley! The best view anytime!

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