The Healing Waters of Jemez Springs, New Mexico

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Giggling Springs
Nestled between soaring red rock mesas, which are the remnants of ancient lava flows, the Village of Jemez Springs in New Mexico is a charming and relaxing getaway spot. It is so named for its famous natural, mineral, hot springs, which bubble up through fissures in the earth. The valley in which Jemez Springs sits runs from north of Jemez Pueblo up though the Valles Caldera, one of six known supervolcanoes on dry land. The presence of hot springs shows that deep within the earth, Valles Caldera is still active.

Dissolved minerals in the waters are said to have a variety of healthful results for body, mind and spirit, but probably the most beneficial effect of the hot springs is to help people relax. Happily, you can take advantage of the hot springs to relax and enjoy in spas like Jemez Springs Bath House and Giggling Springs, or in less formal settings — public land open for day use — at Soda Dam, McCauley Warm Springs, Spence Hot Springs and San Antionio Hot Springs.

Jemez Springs is located in the mountains of northern New Mexico at an elevation of approximately 6,300 feet and experiences a wide range of weather conditions. Heavy winter snow storms, which start in November, give way to glorious spring and summer months with average daily temperatures in the high 80s. If you are planning a trip in the winter, check to be sure the location you want to visit is open and accessible.

The 66 mile stretch of road between the pueblo and the volcano is part of the Jemez Mountain Trail Scenic Byway. All along the road, there are great places to camp, fish, hike, bike and just enjoy nature. A co-op of local artisans have open a gallery and shop is located in the old post office at 17375 Highway 4. The Jemez Art Retreat is open only to practicing artists and is a fine way to get away to practice your craft.

Albuquerque and Santa Fe are an easy hour’s drive away and offer more modern lodging comforts, places to shop, dine and much more. Jemez Springs is also close to Chaco Culture National Historical Park and Bandelier National Monument.

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