Vulture Gold Mine, Arizona

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On January 16, 2010 the See The Southwest Family, visited the Vulture Gold Mine in Wickenburg, Arizona. Before we visited the Vulture Mine we spent some time in Wickenburg exploring the Desert Caballeros Western Museum and learning about the Hassayampa River Preserve.

But this was all a warm-up for our visit to the Vulture Mine.

I had been to the Vulture back in the late 70’s with my parents, but being a typical teenager, I was less then thrilled and not the least bit interested. This time around, as generally happens, I had my teenager with me and while I was enthralled, she was well… not so much, but she did come around towards the end.

After spending the better part of 2 or 3 hours wandering around the Vulture we ventured back into the shack where we had originally paid for our adventure and began talking with the owner of the Vulture. The conversation eventually turned to our group and what we did and we divulged that we were the owners of See The Southwest and that we were on a story hunt.

The owner then let slip that she was to be visited the next Sunday, January 24th (and a huge winter storm hit that very day and things were delayed) by a group of ghost hunters that had a TV show. My attention was piqued and she and I played a quick game of 20 Questions that lasted for about 5 questions. Once I figured out that Ghost Adventures from the Travel Channel were to be paying a visit she swore us to secrecy, until after they showed up and left and ideally until the show aired.

So we kept our secret and the show aired this evening, now we can break our silence.

Below are some of the photos I took on our trip last January. Interestingly, several of the photos in the slide show I took because they pulled at me, as if someone or something was urging me to. If you watch the Ghost Adventures Show you will see many of the same places that captured my attention also captured their attention too. The one that stands out the most is the Piano in the new School House. Normally I would run my hand down the keys of a piano, but in this instance I was hesitant to touch it. I recall looking at it and trying to frame it for a decent photograph, moving around it, left to right, right to left until I finally took the photo you see. This is the same piano that played for Aaron of the the Ghost Adventures and that cannot be played.

While we did not travel to the Vulture Mine for Ghosts and we did not experience anything “out of the ordinary” on our trip to the Vulture Mine, I can tell you that I felt both heavy and lite atmospheres around the area… and now that I think of it, neither my wife, my daughter or Jen would get out of the car when I went to photograph the old and new school houses.

Inside Vulture Mine Generator House

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Inside the generator house at the Vulture Mine in Wickenburg, Arizona

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