Yuba State Park, Utah

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The warm waters and sandy beaches of Yuba State Park are what draw people from all over the West to visit. With great hiking, fantastic off-road ATV trails, biking, fishing and camping and boat-in camping, this park is very popular with outdoor enthusiasts and water recreationists. Two boat ramps, one at Yuba State Park and one at Painted Rocks, provide access for all types of watercraft. The reservoir is a great place for fishing and you’ll find walleye, perch, catfish, rainbow trout and northern pike in abundance. Though parts of the reservoir do often freeze over during the winter months, fishing remains excellent no matter what time of year.

Yuba State Park, located near Levan, Utah, has a unique history. Local farmers and ranchers built the dam themselves because their water rights were being threatened. They referred to the structure as U.B. Dam and eventually the phonetic sounds turned into the name Yuba. The workers sang a song as they completed construction … “damned if they worked and damned if they didn’t.” In 1907, a huge amount of snowmelt threatened the dam. Members of the Mormon Church downstream blasted a temporary spillway to relieve pressure on the damn. The reservoir, when full, is 22 miles long and 80 feet deep at its deepest point.

There is evidence in the park that other ancient visitors appreciated in the area. Native American tribes left rock art, pottery shards and stone tools. Visitors are asked to report unusual finds to the Utah State Parks and Recreation Service and leave them undisturbed.

There are many things to see and do in the area. Nearby state parks include: Palisade, Piute, Otter Creek and Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum. Scenic drives Include: Mt. Nebo Scenic Loop from Payson to Nephi. Scipio Town is the closest places for visitors to seek lodging, food, fuel and to visit an antique shop filled with fun and interesting artifacts

Yuba State Park
PO Box 159
Levan, UT 84639-0159
(435) 758-2611

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