Zoo Lights at the Denver Zoo

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Denver Zoo Lights
Experience the wonder of the holidays with the Zoo Lights at the Denver Zoo. Explore 70 acres of brilliantly illuminated animal sculptures and festive lights. Some of light sculptures are animated and swing through the trees and jump across the lawns, while others hide coyly in bushes and appear in the most unexpected places. Over the years, the zoo has updated its light collection to reflects it mission of conservation and eco-friendly environments. Nearly all the zoo lights are now 100% LED (light-emitting diodes), which use only a fraction of the energy of conventional bulbs. All the lights are on timers so the displays are only lit during event hours. This helps conserve energy while still providing you with a great place to take the family during the holidays.

Don’t worry if you get chilly while exploring this magical light show. You can thaw your paws in many of the indoor exhibits, including the elephants, rhino, hippo, big horn sheet, reindeer, bison, polar bear, sea lion, Bactrian camel, howler monkey, snake, fish, komodo dragon and arctic fox exhibits are open during the light display events.

The weather in Colorado can get very cold and snowy during the winter months. The Denver Zoo goes the extra mile to ensure all the animals are comfortable no matter what the temperature is during the winter months. For instance, some rocks in the Predator Ridge exhibit are heated to help melt snow and allow the big cats to keep their paws warm. Other animals are nestled into piles of hay, while still others are fed special diets to put on a layer of fat to help them resist the cold. When big blizzards hit the city, the zookeeper stay round the clock to care for the animals.

Mike’s Camera Zoo Lights Photo Safari
Another fun thing to do is the photography workshop with emphasis on making the most while exploring Exposure Value to achieve more pleasing photographs and Painting with Light for creative control. Guests start the evening off with a lecture on Exposure Value and Painting with light techniques. Photo buffs will learn how to photograph the Zoo Lights utilizing the various combinations of ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture to manipulate your exposure and capture truly brilliant photographs just in time for the Holidays!

Of course, the Denver Zoo is a great place to visit at any time of year. Some of the special exhibits are truly fantastic. Predator Ridge is a large, natural setting that encompasses 14 African species of mammals, birds and reptiles totaling 50 animals including lions, spotted hyenas, African wild dogs, crowned cranes, African porcupines, banded mongoose, vulturine guineafowl and more. Bear Mountain is another naturalistic setting that is home to grizzly bears, Asiatic black bears and the coati (koe-watt-ee). The Asian Tropics, the Indoor Rainforest, and the 7-acre Primate Panorama all make Denver Zoo one of the most respected and interesting in the world.

The experience gets even better because the Denver Zoo also offers 8 free admission days each year. Check the zoo website for the “free day” listings in 2010 to help you plan your trip to Colorado.

The Holiday Light Safari at the Denver Zoo display runs from early December to the first few days of January.

Denver Zoo
2300 Steele Street
Denver, CO 80205-4899
Phone: (303) 376-4800

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